Agency GPS

A Global Performance Study examines every
aspect of your business to help your agency
determine where you are today and
how to get where you want to be tomorrow.


Do you have a complete understanding of your agency’s performance today? Are you certain of where you want to go — and how to get there?

If you have no doubts, congratulations!

If you’re like most agency owners, though, you know there’s a lot you don’t know.

An independent perspective from an experienced outsider can help improve your results.

The Agency GPS looks at every aspect of your agency, from vision to execution. It seeks to align your personal and business goals with the path your agency pursues.


Each Agency GPS engagement is customized for the specific needs of the client, but typically includes:

  • Financial review
  • SWOT analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Talent evaluation and planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Process development
  • Business growth plans
  • HR/IT/Finance solutions


The Agency GPS is a highly interactive process. We will get to know each other quickly by sharing a lot of information.

Some of the questions will make you squirm. We drive straight to the point to find out what your goals are (both personal and professional) and how to shape your agency to meet them.

We don’t come in with a preconceived notion or a set formula for you to adopt. Agencies aren’™t fast-food franchises. Each one is different.

The work we will do together will bring out the answers that are already there — we just help you find them based on our experience. We use the wisdom of success and the lessons of failure to help you achieve your objectives.


Preparation Phase: Prior to the on-site visit, the agency will provide requested background materials and complete a questionnaire designed to customize the agenda.

On-Site Meetings: Over the course of two days, meetings will be conducted with principals and employees to review financial performance, market positioning, operational issues, and more.

Results Phase: Following the in-depth review, a summary of findings and recommendations will be prepared and presented to the agency principals.


A typical Agency GPS engagement unfolds this way:

  • We start with a 60-minute planning call to begin to learn about your agency and any specific areas of concern. (2-3 weeks before visit)
  • We provide details of requested pre-meeting materials. (2 weeks before visit)
  • You provide us with the background information required. (1 week before visit)
  • We provide you with a final meeting agenda based on the planning call and materials. (3 days before visit)
  • We spend 2 full days on-site with you and your team.
  • You provide requested follow-up information based on the in-person meetings. (1 week after visit)
  • We provide a written summary of observations and recommendations that we review in an online meeting with you. (2 weeks after visit)
  • For 60 days following the completion of the project, we will continue to answer quick questions via email and hold up to 3 additional calls to discuss our findings.


The Agency GPS process is led by Chip Griffin and is based on decades of experience running his own businesses and serving in c-level leadership roles for global agencies.

On occasion, additional experts with specialized knowledge may be engaged in the process if the initial needs assessment identifies such a requirement.

Who is this for?

The standard Agency GPS solution works best for agencies that meet the following criteria:

  • between 3 and 50 team members
  • at least $500,000 in annual revenue
  • owner(s) actively engaged in the business on a daily basis

We can develop appropriate packages for other agencies, but the Agency GPS process is designed with that sweet spot in mind.


A standard Agency GPS project costs $12,000 + travel expenses, payable in advance.

Because that market constantly evolves and we believe the best value comes from a regular review of your agency business, there is a 30% discount for clients who have completed our Agency GPS process within the past 24 months.