Agency Leadership Roundtables

You don’t have to go it alone

Being an independent PR or marketing agency owner doesn’t mean that you need to figure it all out for yourself. Chip Griffin facilitates Agency Leadership Roundtables that serve as small group coaching opportunities.

Here’s who this helps

Chip works with agency owners who are committed to change and want to learn. Our best clients have an entrepreneurial spirit, strong communications chops, and a willingness to invest time and effort in their agency’s continued growth and development.

The Roundtables provide a chance for individuals to learn and grow in a group setting. With just 6 or fewer participants in each group, everyone gets to know each other well and can share personal experiences about what works and what doesn’t.

If you work best in a group environment, the Roundtables may be a good solution to help you grow your agency business. (If you prefer more individualized help, check out Chip’s 1-on-1 agency coaching.)

Here’s what it does

The Roundtables are an opportunity for agency owners to work within a small group coaching setting to support their growth goals. Each Roundtable will admit no more than 6 owners. This will be an intimate coaching experience where members will be able to safely share their issues and obstacles and get feedback and practical advice.

Roundtable members will be carefully screened to ensure that the selected participants will be a good fit and can work together in this setting. with each other. This is a deep dive and designed to help you grow.

Here’s how it works

Each Roundtable meets via monthly remote work sessions of approximately 2 hours in length. They are conducted by video to improve engagement and facilitate collaboration.

Each session explores timely challenges and opportunities. We review accomplishments, examine obstacles, question assumptions, and offer an independent perspective. In addition to the topics you bring to the table to discuss, Chip will identify areas to explore more deeply to help accelerate the group’s progress.

All Roundtable members have access to a private Slack channel for collaboration with each other. This ensures ongoing assistance and learning throughout the month.

Here’s what it costs

Membership in a Roundtable costs $195 per month, including all of the elements described above.

No long-term commitment is required. You may cancel at any time if you don’t feel you are getting sufficient value.

Next step

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if you and Chip might be a good fit for each other.

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