Agencies Looking to Sell

We help agency owners looking to sell to
or merge with another business.

The process of selling or merging a business can be a real challenge, especially for an agency owner who has not been through the process before.

It is time-consuming and stressful to go through positioning your agency to be sold, preparing for the transition, identifying a buyer, negotiating a deal, closing the sale, and performing the integration.

If you think you want to sell your agency, you need to be getting ready for that day years in advance to maximize value and ensure success.

Agency Leadership Advisors can help you navigate this process and coordinate with the array of experts in legal and accounting matters who will need to assist along the way.

Contact us to find out how we can customize a solution for your agency.

  • Positioning to Sell
  • Preparing for Transition
  • Screening Brokers
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Identifying Alternatives
  • Guiding Due Diligence