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Sample Employee Performance Review Form

Most agencies conduct periodic assessments of employee performance. Many individuals find these to be a helpful annual experience. In addition to clearly communicating with the employee in a 1-on-1 meeting, the employee’s supervisor should provide a written assessment for the employee’s human resources file. There are many different approaches to conducting performance reviews — and

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Sample Employee Covenants Agreement

It is generally a good idea to have employees sign a confidentiality agreement when they’re first hired. Some businesses go a step further and have an Employee Covenants agreement that includes other provisions. This sample document includes confidentiality provisions, as well as a section on intellectual property ownership and how to handle documents upon termination

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Sample Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Agencies should have every employee sign a confidentiality agreement. It helps protect the agency’s own business, as well as information shared with the agency by its clients. This is something that should be signed along with other intake paperwork on an employee’s first day.

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Sample Employee Separation Agreement

If an employee resigns voluntarily, you should ask them to document that fact in writing with a simple resignation letter. If you’re terminating an employee, whether as part of a layoff, for cause, or simply because the relationship was no longer working out, you should attempt to get the departing employee to sign a separation

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Sample Employee Offer Letter

An important part of the hiring process is to provide prospective employees with an offer letter. In fact, most new hires won’t formally accept the position without receiving such a letter. You will need to customize the document to meet your specific needs, but this sample should help get you started.

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