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Sample Employee Handbook

Guidelines, policies, and processes to help inform employees of expectations and provide answers to common questions.
Sample Employee Handbook



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Every agency should have an employee handbook. It helps to set guidelines for how to handle typical situations, and many employees find them to be very helpful in getting answers without having to pepper the boss with questions about things like time off and other policies.

We’re providing a sample of an employee handbook that may help you think about what to include in your own document. Think of it as a good starting point rather than a cookie cutter approach.

You should decide what policies you want to have then put together a first draft. Before sharing with your employees, be sure to have legal counsel and/or an HR consultant review it to ensure it complies with all applicable rules and regulations

DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained on this website constitutes legal or accounting advice. Please be sure to have the appropriate professionals review all contracts, agreements, and other documents to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.