Sample LLC Partnership Agreement

Sample LLC Partnership Agreement



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If your agency is owned by more than one individual, you should have a comprehensive partnership agreement that outlines how decisions are made, what decisions require a full partnership vote, and how to handle conflicts, changes, and other potential challenges.

A Limited Liability Company is a common business structure for a PR or marketing agency, so this sample agreement was created in that fashion.

The sample agreement available here is for two partners with a 50-50 equity split. Note that there is a provision included to enable one partner to break ties on certain votes to ensure that the entity doesn’t end up in a stalemate in the event of a future dispute. That same structure may or may not be appropriate in your own situation.

A solid, well-structured operating agreement will make things much easier down the road. As always, be sure to have competent legal counsel assist you in crafting a final version of this document to ensure that it complies with appropriate local laws and regulations.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained on this website constitutes legal or accounting advice. Please be sure to have the appropriate professionals review all contracts, agreements, and other documents to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.