Chip Griffin

Chip Griffin
Chip Griffin is the Founder & CEO of Agency Leadership Advisors and a longtime agency owner and executive. He helps PR and marketing communications agencies prosper.

#FollowFriday: Gini Dietrich

How could I recommend resources for agency leaders without promoting my podcast co-host Gini Dietrich? She offers tons of smart advice for communications pros.

What your agency partnership’s buy-sell agreement should include

Agency partners need to have an agreement about how to handle the purchase and sale of shares in the business.

ALP 18: How to handle clients who want 24/7 or other...

This week, Chip and Gini explore how to handle clients who want around-the-clock social media management or other services that require major staff commitments -- and would prove to be quite expensive to offer.

Spotlight on Matt Cookson of Cookson Communications

Matt traces his journey from Storrs, CT via Washington, DC to being an an agency owner in Manchester, NH.

6 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs Client Contracts

Client contracts may not be exciting, but they play an important role in building a healthy agency business.

#FollowFriday: Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn is a content machine, offering a wealth of valuable information and perspective for agency owners interested in data-driven communications.

ALP 16: How to benefit from “pick your brain” meeting requests

Chip and Gini explain how to get make "pick your brain" conversations mutually beneficial.

Don’t Let Unused Software Subscriptions Spoil Your Agency’s Profit Margins

If your agency tracks spending, audits usage, and establishes standards for software, you will get the benefits of technology -- without letting it erode your bottom line.

Just say “yes” to “pick your brain” meeting requests

Flip the script and see "pick your brain" meetings as opportunities to gather information and expand your own network.

Block Time on Your Calendar for Business Development — And Stick...

The only way to avoid the agency revenue roller-coaster is by setting aside specific times to build your business.