We help PR & marketing agencies grow and thrive

Global Performance Study to determine where you are today and how to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Guided planning to help solo and small agency owners see their business take off.

Delivering confidential business insight on timely challenges and key opportunities.

Startup Agency

Whether you’re planning to hang a shingle or have already set out as a solopreneur, we help ensure you put the right building blocks in place for future growth and profits.

Small Agency

As an agency adds team members, it needs to put real systems and processes in place to manage growth. We help identify the right solutions to your specific challenges.

Mid-Size Agency

Agencies with dozens of employees face unique challenges as they continue to expand. We help you avoid common pitfalls and seize opportunity.

Large Agency

Established agencies have the people, systems, and processes, but often have inefficiencies and blindspots. We offer a fresh perspective and the ability to help your future leaders grow.

You are not alone

Other agency owners and executives have the same questions and doubts.
  • How do I increase revenue?
  • What kind of financial reports do I need?
  • How do I manage the risk of losing a big account?
  • What is the right mix of employees and freelancers?
  • When do I need to hire a CFO, CTO, or head of HR?
  • How do I improve profitability?
  • What do I do about difficult clients?
  • How can I scale my agency to the next level?
  • What should I do to improve employee retention?
  • How can I expand my service offerings?
  • What do I do if I want to sell my agency?
  • How do I improve my team’s leadership skills?
  • Should I keep all the equity for myself?
  • Why am I having a hard time hitting growth targets?
  • What can I do to improve cash flow?


Agency Advisor

Chip Griffin has been there and done that in the agency world.

He got his start as a junior account executive at a boutique PR firm, created his own agency, served as Chief Digital Officer for a major public affairs firm, and went on to become COO at a 500-person global media intelligence agency.

Now he shares the wisdom of his successes and the lessons from his failures with other agency leaders to help them perform better.

Our Mission

Agency Leadership Advisors provides agency owners and executives with the knowledge and insights they need to move to the next level.

By building business acumen, leveraging digital transformation, and challenging preconceived notions, we empower leaders to grow revenue and increase profits.

Working with us allows you to focus on cultivating client relationships and delivering superior communications advice — all while making sure that your back office, processes, and business strategy are positioned for success.



We leverage creative thinking and the latest technology to improve results. It’s all about quality, efficiency, and profitability.


We help uncover things about your business you probably didn’t even know. We dig through the data, get your team to open up, and deliver key learnings.


We maintain the highest standards — and help your team do the same. We’re focused on our clients’ best interest.

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