Why do prospects invest in hiring an agency?

Marketing communication services aren’t cheap. Determining whether it is the right decision and a good investment are critical questions when a prospect is deciding to hire your agency or do it on their own.

Setting hourly rates for solo PR & marketing consultants

Discover some basic salary math to calculate the minimum you need to charge to have the money you need.

Agency owners must lead by example

The culture of public relations and marketing agencies starts with the owner.

ALP 26: How to avoid becoming an agency of one

Most agencies begin as one-person shows. But to grow and expand -- and keep the owner sane -- it can't stay that way forever. That's the challenge that Chip Griffin and Gini Dietrich tackle in this week's episode of the Agency Leadership Podcast.

CWC 28: Brent Lightner of Taoti Creative

Brent Lightner, founder and CEO of Taoti Creative in Washington, DC talks about his journey from pre-med student to successful marketing agency owner.

Spotlight on Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management

Jonathan Bernstein is a leading authority on crisis management and has great insights as a long-time communicator and agency owner.

#FollowFriday: Shel Holtz

For all that does to help promote excellence in communications and improve the knowledge of agency leaders, Shel Holtz is this week's #FollowFriday recommendation.

Understand the assignment clause of your agency’s contracts

If there's anything more than a zero percent chance that you might entertain the idea of selling your agency or merging it with another, you need to pay special attention to the assignment clause in all of your contracts.

Keep your agency’s time tracking simple

If you want to understand how your team invests their time on behalf of your agency and its clients, keep it simple.

What your agency partnership’s buy-sell agreement should include

Agency partners need to have an agreement about how to handle the purchase and sale of shares in the business.

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6 reasons why your agency needs client contracts

Client contracts may not be exciting, but they play an important role in building a healthy agency business.

Don’t let unused software subscriptions spoil your agency’s profit margins

If your agency tracks spending, audits usage, and establishes standards for software, you will get the benefits of technology -- without letting it erode your bottom line.

Just say “yes” to “pick your brain” meeting requests

Flip the script and see "pick your brain" meetings as opportunities to gather information and expand your own network.

Block time on your calendar for business development — and stick to it

The only way to avoid the agency revenue roller-coaster is by setting aside specific times to build your business.

Your outside counsel should review (but not write) your agency employee handbook

Good collaboration -- at the right time -- with an expert in employment law can help you create a better employee handbook that will help simplify management, assist recruitment, and boost retention by creating an agency culture that matches your leadership vision.