Chip Griffin hosts conversations with insights and perspectives to help PR and marketing agency owners build better businesses.

CWC 28: Brent Lightner of Taoti Creative

Brent Lightner, founder and CEO of Taoti Creative in Washington, DC talks about his journey from pre-med student to successful marketing agency owner.

CWC 27: James Papiano on leadership & culture in agencies

In the latest episode of Chats with Chip, James Papiano discusses the role of leadership and culture in the PR and marketing agency environment.

CWC 26: Nick Petroski of Promethean Research

Nick Petroski of Promethean Research joined to talk about the outlook for digital marketing agencies in 2019 and beyond.

CWC 25: Patrick Rogan on HR for small-to-midsize agencies

Patrick Rogan of Ignition HR joins to discuss how small and midsize agencies can meet their human resources needs with a combination of vendors, consultants, and in-house staff.

CWC 24: Johna Burke of AMEC

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), joined to discuss Measurement Month and the challenges and opportunities for communicators.

CWC 23: John Wall of Marketing Over Coffee

John Wall, co-host of Marketing Over Coffee with Christopher S. Penn and partner at Trust Insights, joined this episode of Chats with Chip to talk about podcasting, marketing technology, and more.

CWC 22: Tim Hayden of Brain+Trust Partners

Tim Hayden of Brain+Trust Partners joined me to talk about business transformation through the use of data and digital innovation.

CWC 21: CC Chapman, Storyteller

This episode of the Chats with Chip podcast features CC Chapman, an expert storyteller, passionate explorer, and committed humanitarian. CC currently serves as a...

CWC 20: Gordon Platt of Gotham Media Strategies

Gordon Platt of Gotham Media Strategies joined me to discuss how he came to start his own agency, including the impact of his previous experience in broadcast journalism.

CWC 19: Craig Carroll on corporate reputation and measurement

Craig Carroll, Executive Director of the OCR Network, joins Chip to discuss corporate reputation and the measurement and evaluation of corporate communications.

About the Host

Chip Griffin is the founder and CEO of Agency Leadership Advisors where he helps PR & marketing agencies grow and thrive. Follow him on Twitter at @ChipGriffin.


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